Stop losing your cool with telemarketers



telemarketers-violate-privacyAccording to credible internet research, more than 92% of people feel that “commercial telephone calls” damage their privacy.

Breaking it down, it’s easy to see why.

They know your name. Your address. Possibly the name of a service provider you’re with, or where you work. And, obviously, your phone number.

These pieces of information automatically put you on the back foot. You know nothing about the person who’s calling you, and this gives telemarketers a psychological advantage.

But hanging up in anger isn’t the answer. The telemarketing company will register that you didn’t accept their call today, but will put you down for a follow up call later.

telemarketers-keep-caller-profilesBut there is a clever way to break out of their clutches, without losing your cool.

You just have to break past their training and rattle their calm. You have to take them off script.

Because they rely on the script to guide the conversation to a point where they get your details or your money, destroying the script removes their power and puts you in charge—and make them not want to call you.

Check out this handy script to help you take telemarketers to new realms of uncomfortable.

Feel free to print it out and keep it by your phone.