The Perks Of Being An Adult Header Image

The Perks Of Being An Adult

Being an adult isn’t always easy. But there are some pretty chill perks that help make it more bearable (also you can …

Hire A Sibling Header Image

Hire A Sibling

Siblings by chance, friends because what choice do you have really?

Unread Messages Header Image

Unread Messages

We’ve reached a point in history where we’re genuinely afraid to open our messages in public. How did we get here??

My Relationship With Coffee Header Image

My Relationship With Coffee

In every relationship, we place different values on how we show affection. Some are tellers, some are show-ers. And some are shouters.

FU Dance Moves Header Image

FU Dance Moves

  FU Dance Moves are dance moves that tell the world how you really feel.

Facebook Year In Review 2017 Header Image

Facebook 2017: My Year In Review

Using Facebook’s “Year In Review” feature, I plotted my achievements against my peers. It looks like this. See the other Facebook Year …