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My Art Sucks

How many times have you heard this? Someone you admire moans about how their art sucks. And you look at their stuff …

Single Friends Header Image

Single Friends

We’ve all got that single friend. And if you don’t, chances are it’s you. Sorry.

Good News Today Header Image

Good News Today

When you read good news in the media today it be like… And I fucking hate that.

Real Fears Header Image

Real Fears

It’s okay to be scared. Your fears are natural. Your fears are real.

Minimalist Header Image


Who doesn’t want to live like a minimalist? With all the not having stuff? And the… no, that’s it.

Sympathy Milkshake Header Image

Sympathy Milkshake

Mix up your sympathy with this classic twist on a classic milkshake! Classic!

Forgiveness Salad Header Image

Forgiveness Salad

Forgiveness Salad contains Soul Fibre (TM) to help ease your bloated psyche.

Revenge Pie Header Image

Revenge Pie

Feel the need to let off some steam? Just follow this zesty pie recipe and use it to relish in your revenge …